Sunday, October 20, 2013

IN REPAIR (not together, but I'm getting there.)

Welcome faithful reader to my blog.

This particular space has gone through many restarts and refreshes over the last few years. To be quite honest, I was never sure what to make of it. I enjoyed having the space to lay my thoughts onto the digital page of the blog, but lacked focus. I am alternately blessed and cursed to have many different hobbies and interests. Both, all and none of them seemed appropriate for an endeavor such as this.

I tried making this blog a place to journal my everyday life, but I soon discovered that it was as boring to me as it was to the people who neglected to read it. It was not long before I scrapped the entire project and deleted all of the old posts.

Still, I could not get the idea out of my head that if there was a digital canvas out there in the world, I should be trying to paint something onto it.

This pervasive thought led me to the re-launch I'm doing tonight. No fanfare or trumpets in the distance, no parades or fireworks, just me here with my laptop propped haphazardly on the edge of my bed as a makeshift desk. Just a guy who believes he has the talent to blaze a trail from the middle of nowhere to someplace worth going.

With that said, I welcome you to the re-launch of my blog. It is vitamin enriched and suitable for consumption by all dreamers and optimists, anyone who dares to fan the dying embers of a heartfelt desire is welcome.

I'm going to be as blatantly honest as I can be on this blog within the context of my chosen focus. Not every post will be uplifting or pretty. Some of this will undoubtedly recount the inherent ugliness which we all must endure in life. However, I feel like I'm going to be going someplace good so I think it will balance itself out.

Oh, where's my head, I haven't actually talked about the new focus yet, have I? My apologies. I'm going to be writing and self publishing a collection of poems and essays! I know right? Not that exciting or new huh? Well hear me out. I am a longtime dabbler and purveyor of all forms of writing. A fairly good beginner, but a poor finisher. The idea for this collection has been nipping at my heels off and on for about the last 5 years. I think it's high time I sat down and finished the thing, for better or worse. This endeavor will either make me or break me.

There are a few people on and off the net who can attest to my professed talent and ability with regard to the written word, but I'll let you be the judge of whether the Muse has truly lit upon my shoulder or not.  I read quite a lot of poetry and truly believe I'm bringing something unique to the table, but I am, of course, somewhat biased. :-)

I hope you stick around to see this journey. I believe it will be an interesting one. I'm still in the process of penning content, but things are finally coming together in a way that they have not previously done. I'm not yet at the point that I want to share any of my content, but when I do hit the sweet spot, this will be where I tip my hand. Even if no one cares now, this might be an interesting back story if I make it into the sky and/or stratosphere. Repairs are in progress. Rocket ship diagnostics are a go.

Speak soon,



Anonymous said...

I'm wishing you good luck on your poems. I'm an amateur writer too. I've been writing since I was young and looking for readers are frustrating. Not all can appreciate my work. But that's alright. I like writing.

Stance Neal said...


I absolutely want to thank you for taking time to wish me encouragement along the way.

Really appreciate your kindness. I am presently wrestling with life in general and other writing projects which have temporarily taken center stage, but as things even out I'll definitely be updating this blog.

I totally agree with you in that it can be difficult to find your audience, but I continue to believe if you are true to that small creative voice within then your audience will find you.

I encourage you to keep honing your talent even if you do not presently have readership. We all find our way...eventually. Unsure if you have a blog or not, but I would be happy to read you. Just send me a link to follow. In the mean time, keep fanning the creative fire within.